Advance Bioinformatics Laboratory

Ever since the creation of the Bioinformatics Laboratory at Uttarakhand Biotechnology Council (UBC), the bioinformatics facility is open to all the faculty members and other collaborative institutes. We successfully organized several workshops cum hands-on-training programs to teach the biological community. Through hands-on-training programs, bioinformatics laboratory has trained more than 250 Scientist, Assistant professors, and Research scholars in the field of advanced bioinformatics. The students also utilized the bioinformatics lab for completion of their summer internship/ project reports/thesis.

Since our specialization is in the area of plant and human genomics, we focused our research efforts on the following aspects.

  • Genome-wide identification and wet lab validation of genes for abiotic stress, plant nutrition e. Nitrogen use efficiency (NUE) and Phosphorus use efficiency (PUE) in cereal crops including wheat.
  • Genome-wide discovery of abiotic stress responsive transcription factor families in crop plants.
  • Development of web-resource and databases for plant community.
  • Identification of novel miRNA based molecular markers responsive to abiotic and biotic stress in major crops and model plant species.
  • Identification and functional annotation of hypothetical proteins associated with cancer and diabetes.
  • Discovery of novel drug targets for TB, diabetes, cancer, etc. using Computer Aided Drug Designing (CADD) approach.
  • Identification and characterization of abiotic stress responsive non-coding RNAs in plants.