Molecular Biology and Genetic Engineering

  • Molecular diagnostic wing of molecular biology and genetic engineering laboratory, CEMB, UCB is well equipped with novel facilities for molecular diagnosis of various Diseases, diagnosis of Cancer Biomarkers and modern molecular diagnostic techniques.
  • This laboratory is imparting knowledge with mutual collaborative association between clinicians and biomedical specialists of various medical colleges of Uttarakhand to conduct skill development trainings/programmes for science graduate and post graduate students, scientific faculties and youth of various disciplines of biotechnology for welfare of mankind.
  • Since our area of specialization is plant and human genomics, we focused our bioinformatics based research efforts on the following aspects.
    i. Genome-wide identification and wet lab validation of candidate genes associated with nutrition in cereal  crops including wheat.
    ii. Genome-wide discovery of abiotic stress responsive transcription factor families in crop plants.
    iii. Development of Biological databases for biologist.
  • Mapping and conservation of the rich biodiversity and creating extensive database to ensure long term sustainable management of Uttarakhand’s immense, endangered and economically important biodiversity, is also proposed by this laboratory.