Uttarakhand Biotechnology Council developed hi-tech tissue culture lab for R&D Plant tissue culture science forms the basis of various areas such as agriculture, horticulture, and plant biotechnology. It is an area of applied science that provides a broad platform for the aseptic culture of cells, tissues, organs, and their components under defined chemical and physical in vitro conditions. This science follows a basic concept in which the plant body or organ or any tissue can be dissected into smaller parts called “explants” and any explants can be further developed into a whole plant. This concept led to the development of an effective technique called in vitro  propagation. Plant regeneration forms the basis of in vitro propagation. This in vitro science includes several concepts and techniques that can be utilized to produce a higher number of plants that are genetically similar to a parent plant as well as to one another.

In tissue culture lab worked on different economically important crops i.e. kiwifruit, Pecan nut, Banana, Flower project and others medicinal plants.

Different plant tissue culture equipment established in UBC

Hi-tech containment biosafety cabinet

Hardening room

AC Hardening room

Mist/Green house hardening room